no. (roses_rejoice) wrote in nakedmolerats,

Naked Mole Rat Promotion Idea #1

I think the President should adopt a colony of Naked Mole Rats. He could be given a pet pregnant Queen Mole Rat by a small child and then he could install it in a colony in the Oval Office, tastefully built into a cabinet. And he could look at the mole rats and get all sorts of strategic and communitarian ideas and announce them in the State of the Union speeches. And he could be photographed getting off his helicopter with an adorable Mole Rat in his pocket.

I wonder what he would name his Mole Rats...
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It is SO nice to know that there are people in the world as Whacked as I am. I love you, roses_rejoice. If you were a man I'd marry you.
i want a naked mollrat but my brother says its iligoll
but i was hoping i could git some more apinyons pleas
poste a nother popup thanks're speeling is illegoll. or just illin'

if you're looking for a moll rat then maybe you should go hang around some mob rats.

i actually have mole rat content to post here very soon.