no. (roses_rejoice) wrote in nakedmolerats,

welcome all you new mole rat fans...

great to see how many members this community has picked up! those of you who haven't posted yet, say hello and tell us all about your interest in these fascinating little critters.
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I was a geeked out little kid, and would read about the buck-toothed nudists in books like The ABCs of Nature. Then the Brookefield Zoo got a naked mole rat colony for its Living Desert exhibit. And I was obsessed. I actually have a rubber naked mole rat in my car with my social security number tatooed on its back (a social commentary that is, alas, unnoticed by most of the riders of Sharky).
The genetics and the actual sociology of mole rats is absolutely fascinating. How they grow from worke to soldier to breeder to queen is fascinating. Er. Well. To me it is.
Does anyone know if it's possible/legal to actually own naked mole rats? Outside of Kim Possible or the Oval Office, I mean. If so, praytell.