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nakedmolerats's Journal

Naked Mole Rats, and the People Who *heart* Them
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Hello, this is the Live Journal community for lovers of those cute little pinky-brown Naked Mole Rats. Naked Mole Rats are:

- The world's only known eusocial mammals. "Eusocial" means they live in a colony like termites and ants, and have a caste system.

- Rodents, but more closely related to porcupines and chinchillas than to rats (or moles).

- Herbivorous.

- Frequently described as physically resembling "hot dogs" with legs and teeth.

- Not really naked, because they're covered with very fine hair.

- An increasingly popular attraction at zoological parks all over the U.S.

- Naked Cam stars thanks to the Smithsonian (your tax dollars at work on something fun for a change). If you search Google on the words "naked cam" you'll get mole rats first and foremost. Check out the Naked Mole Rat Colony Cam to see these guys in almost-live action.

Here's a happy little Naked Mole Rat, shown approximately life-size (depending on the size of your monitor):

There are lots and lots of Naked Mole Rat FAQs online. Here's a few interesting ones:

The Smithsonian's Naked Mole Rat info page

Another fine mole rat info page from Chicago's Lincoln Park Zoo

Naked Mole Rat Facts by a Cornell biologist, who also writes children's books about naked mole rats

Whether you're a biology professor studying Mole Rats for a living, or just an ordinary bored Mole Rat fan, please join us and share your interest and experience regarding these Amazing, Amusing Animals.

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